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Live review: Bring me the horizon @ O2 Arena, London

It was absolutely immense! At first thought, this is all I came up with.

Bring me the horizon, the five piece from Sheffield are one of my favorite bands, they’re the first one I ever listened too and got into. I adore them and haven’t had the opportunity to see them live since an £18.50 ticket to their Brixton o2 Academy show almost three years ago to the day. I remember that show so vividly, a 14 year old me with a friend that was determined to guard me from mosh pits and literally anyone bashing into me. This time, 17 years old armed with only the camera my phone came with and my best friend, had to dive into this huge o2 arena crowd and just enjoy listening to music I live for.


Their show was so amazing, their stage set was phenomenal I can’t think of a better word to describe it, every aspect of it was absolutely wonderful. Their energy on stage was so contagious I wish I could be back tonight. Oli’s vocals were so good  in my opinion, he sounded great and each of them nailed each song! The set list was perfect, though most of it obviously centering around the September 2015 album, they fiercely performed plenty from Sempiternal and a couple from suicide season. They stopped a heart warming amount of times between songs to check everyone was okay, they spoke to the crowd and at times the emotions filling the room from the thousands of people filled my heart. It’s an amazing show and the entire tour is so well put together, one surly not to be missed. They’ve grown so much since I last saw them and it’s been my first chance to hear any songs from ‘That’s the spirit’ live, and seeing this show, I cannot wait to see them again on their next tour, they’ll have a lot to live up to, that’s for sure!

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Tacitus – The Passing

Recently Hertfordshire based band, Tacitus, released their EP made up of four songs, The Passing. Obviously I had a listen, as did many of my friends and we all agreed and spoke about how fab it was. I’d only really heard the band once, in a you tube video of them playing a gig that my friend showed me.
When I heard the EP my first feeling was surprise, mainly because I’ve met a few people in this band and it just seemed so strange that a few people I’ve met and talked to, people so young could be so talented and make something so professional. My second thought was ‘this is so freaking good’. I love listening to it. To me it’s a very different sound to what I’m used to enjoying, but I’m glad I do because each song is upbeat and the vocalist has such a great voice to listen to. Their sound is unique and I’d encourage everyone to give it a listen. I love the third track! Actus Reus, I love the intro into it, and the intro into End Of The World too. They’re a band I’d love to see live as I’m sure hearing the songs live would be 50 times better than listening to them on my iPad.
The Passing is available in full on You Tube, Soundcloud and other major platforms, and if you want a CD copy, drop them a message on Facebook or look out for show dates where you can pick one up.
Take a listen and let us know what you think
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Suicide Squad Review

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a next level geek, the kind of person who is a legitimate adult yet who’s bedroom has a marvel and star wars theme, so naturally I was incredibly excited for Suicide Squad.

Over the last few months of teasers and leaked photos my anticipation for Suicide Squad grew, but I left the cinema feeling similarly to when I’ve paid to use the toilet in London, disappointed and let down by my people.

The film sees a group of the world ‘s worst criminals brought together to fight the extra terrestrial. Together the group of cut throat criminals combine more prison time and sarcasm than the big screen has ever seen. The threats of ‘mild violence’ are an understatement, as the squad find out just what they’re in for when faced with some indescribable creatures.

Margot Robbie however did justice to Harley Quinn’s film debut. The film was a perfect introduction to the character as they showed how her story has developed and how her and her ‘Puddin’ came to be.

The film sees Jared Leto’s first appearance as the Joker, which has sparked a multitude of fan theories that tattoos on his body hint that he in fact used to be Batman’s sidekick Robin, and was referenced to in Batman VS Superman.

Although the film in my opinion didn’t live up to it’s hype it leaves a lot of room for the development of the characters, and made viewers even fall in love with the baddest of guys.

However, the film’s soundtrack is incredible, and the musical choices throughout are fantastic from The White Stripes to Panic! At the Disco’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody with Brendan Urie’s vocals showcasing the song in a way we’ve never heard it before featured on the soundtrack.



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The Last Skylit Night

On Tuesday evening I went down to The Horn, St Albans to see The Last Skylit Night again, was it as good as last time? I sense you thinking, the plainest answer to that is omg yes. They’re so wonderful and put on such a great show, again.They’re all just so talented and I love photographing them, they make me feel welcome and their stage presence is so natural and fun that it makes taking photo’s of them really enjoyable and easy.


On Tuesday I found myself in the same position as last time, I really wanted to take really good photo’s but I also really wanted to just stand and watch them play their set. I sometimes had to actually remind myself to take photos. I honestly can’t wait to see them perform again but unfortunately they won’t be doing any shows for a while as their bassist Jarrett is off to Thailand on am adventure. All the more time to get excited about the next one, right?


Their music is so great and like I said before, not what I usually listen to but they are so good I really highly recommend them to everyone.

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The Last Skylit Night live perforamce review

Last night I went to see The Last Skylit Night. They’re a Deathcore band from Hertfordshire made up of five really lovely guys, Nicc, Joe, Tom, Alex and Jarrett. They’re all in their early twenties and they know how to put on a really good show.


I went last night, Camera in hand and mind wide open. I had heard their music before but never live and honestly deathcore isn’t what I usually listen to at all, so I was going purely to snap some photos and see a show I was going to be writing about but the entire time I was either on my knee or on the stage taking a photo, I found myself loving the show and their sound. Their energy on stage reflected into the audience which gave the whole thing a great vibe. Their music is all original and written by them as a band. Each member of The Last Skylit Night is a fantastic musician and they blend together so well to make what is great music. Everyone in the crowd was involved and a mosh pit broke out at one point when the Vocalist jumped into the crowd and then shortly after one of the guitarists did the same. I’d never seen anything like that before so to me, it was crazy.


I would absolutely go and see The Last Skylit Night again, as soon as they finished their set I told my boyfriend that I loved it and really wanted to go to their next show, hopefully it’s soon! I’d highly recommend checking these guys out, even if it’s not the kind of music you usually listen to, you may really surprise yourself.


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Ready to read?

Personally, I’ve always seen reading as something with such an amazing capability of opening closed minds. The moment you pick up a book (whether it be a novel or something non-fiction) you are literally transported to another person’s mind and, to be honest, is there really anything more magical than that?

I’ve put together some books that I would strongly recommend reading at some point! And when’s a better chance than summer? You can be reading on buses, trains, planes; on park benches or at the beach getting that on point tan.

Haruki Murakami – Colourless Tsukuru Tasaki and his Years of Pilgrimage.

This novel follows the adult life of Tsukuru Tasaki, who finds his life in Tokyo void of meaning and bland after he left his hometown of Nagoya for further education. In his second year of college, his former best friends cut ties with him for not fathomable reason, causing Tsukuru to fall into a horrible 16-year-long bought of depression and isolation. After meeting the love of his life, he is forced to travel the world to face his former friends and current demons. SUCH an important read for people who might have lost friends to secondary school graduations.

James Dashner – The Maze Runner Trilogy

This trilogy is a fast-paced dystopian filled with more mind games than The Matrix. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the group of sass-fuelled teenage boys within the first few chapters (if not pages) and you’ll be rooting for their great escape. The trilogy follows the group boys who have had their memories wiped and the lives taken away from after a disastrous virus was leaked into the world. I promise you, you will be gripped. And in case 3 books isn’t enough for you? Dashner only went released a prequel, didn’t he? What a legend.


Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales (Published by Fall River)

Okay, so this collection of tales is probably published by a billion different publishers but that’s the one I have. It’s available at Waterstones and the cover is absolutely beautiful and man, don’t even get me started on the price! I believe it is £9.99 for about 600, maybe more, pages. If that isn’t any insane deal, I don’t know what is! Reading these short stories was like a slap in a face from culture. I adore Disney fairy tales like nothing else; I mean, hey… who doesn’t want a Prince Charming and a happy ending? But these original tales, before they got all child friendly and pacified are honestly something else. They are brutal and gory and well actually a lot more magical than what Disney has churned out lately. I definitely recommend this one if you’re a fan of TV series Grimm and/or Supernatural.


Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird

This book is known to be one of those classics that everyone want to be able to say they’ve read, yet nobody wants to actually read it. You see, I would suggest you don’t conform to that presumption and get your nose in this book. The novel, set  in the racist realm of Southern America in the 1930’s, follows the life of a young girl named Jem. Although it deals with hard to tackle topics like racism and equality, Harper Lee puts it across in the gentle and warm tone of a little girl. This novel portrays how we are not born with hate in our veins, that it is in fact something we learn over time and through harsh experiences.

Happy reading!



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Pretty little liars preview

Let’s talk about Pretty Little Liars.  You cannot just simply like this show, it’s all or nothing with this show, it’s obsession or hate.

Though the ‘A’ reveal was heartbreakingly disappointing, and the Twin reveal was a total anti-climax, we continue to watch on hoping that one day all will be as good as always promised. The producer/writer of the show Marlene King has said that during season 7A there will be reveals almost every week. Yay. This is where the trailer comes in, was it intense? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. Has the wait been gut wrenching? Ah yes.

Of course many questions and wonders will have popped into our ever so patient minds, where is Hannah? What in the world is happening to Ali? Why did Rollins have to end up a bad guy? He was so cute. We want answers this time, for real. This trailer was actually sad, Emily crying, Spencer crying, Ezria feels. Mainly, what this trailer has raised for me is what does Uber A have in store for the girls? Though said ‘person’ isn’t mentioned, we can all tell he/she is doing something horrific to the girls, when has he/she not been doing something terrible. Though this trailer does include the twin, personally I’m not excited for this. It was a total let down in my opinion. Overall though, this trailer was put together fabulously, the pure emotion that it contains fully interacts with the fans of the show, it actually triggers emotions in me to feel for the characters. I cannot wait for all of the reveals to start coming on June 22nd (UK) 21st (USA).