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This week has been insane for music, with a new release from Foo Fighters, and what I’ve enjoyed most the new track from The Xcerts. I make it no secret how fond I am of this band and everything they do, but my god this album is going to be incredible. They’re definitely one of the most underrated talented bands in the UK. Check out their tour dates here:

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It’s been a while since video / track of the week has been a thing over at Skint, however The Xcerts’ new track ‘Feels like Falling in Love’ is too good not to share, and that video, well, incredible. Check the video out below, it’s also available to stream on spotify now. If you’re heading down to 2000 Trees this weekend, look out for our next post on a packing guide, but also these guys are now playing the Saturday. I had the pleasure of interviewing them and watching their 2016 set, including a crowd proposal and they’re definitely not ones to miss.

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We’re BACK

It’s been a long time since anything Skint has been functioning as it should, I personally have spent my last year studying in Brighton and working my butt off just to live, which has sadly allowed very little time for Skint to flourish.

Alas, Summer is now here and with it, my favourite season of all. Festivals, and what a time, this year YNOT and Truck have the best line up I’ve seen in years and it’s going to be one incredible season.

So, with a great warmth in my heart I can say we are back, and rest assured we will be better than ever. New content, new writers, and a new theme and logo to go with it.

If you want to get in touch, or work with us contact


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Will Varley Live at Komedia

An act that never disappoints is the best way to describe Will Varley, in the last year I have had the pleasure of seeing him on numerous occasions but last night was truly special. The venue, the Komedia is magical itself the evening took place in the basement in a cabaret esque set up. At first glance I was dubious, it’s not a venue I’d of usually placed him in but with the accompaniment of the supporting 7 piece band it fitted perfectly.

The support act Cocos Lovers provided a tranquil soul soothing performance, their sound combines folk and roots which provides for a easy listening. Will described the Kent based ensemble as dear friends of his and it set the tone for a night full of powerful lyrics and smooth tunes. IMG_7166.jpg

In light of recent political uncertainty and changes in the UK and beyond Varley adapted his lyrics to fit a new audience and time. A large issue at concerts recently has been audiences spending less time engaging and more time recording the gig on their phones to brag about on social media or enjoy later; however Varley put on a show that was very much for in the moment and few phones were in sight.

The tour comes just after the release of his new album, ‘Kings Down, Sundown’. The first track of the album ‘To Build A Wall’ is of strong political importance, even more so after President Elect Trump’s rise to power, speaking of how we cannot let political unrest divide us. However not one to solely dwell Will breaks the set up with cat humour and joking about budget hotel chains.

‘When She Wakes up’ talks about Varley’s friends daughter and what she’ll experience and was written after watching her nap with strangers fighting in the street outside.

In no uncertain terms with Bob Dylan esque guitar and a powerful message and husky vocal Varley is set to be one of the defining players in folk for this generation. I highly recommend seeing Will live, you can see him in London at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. 

You can purchase tickets here. 

Fun fact: Will Varley walked over 130 miles with a tent and guitar on his back, from London Bridge to Deal, Kent where he resides.  

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A year on, Pete Doherty at the Bataclan

Words by  Gaerth Daivd Mahtias

Standing in the crowd at the Bataclan, waiting where so many innocent people lost their lives felt strange, almost disrespectful, as if the masacre had happened hundreds of years ago instead of just one. But I was assured by a Parisian fan that this was the best thing to do, to continue in defiance of the evil that had been committed; fear would not win here.

There was a moment of silence for the departed before a massive applause, a few shouts of “Fuck Isis!”, then Pete (or ‘Peter’ as was written on the ticket) made his way to the front of the stage and led the crowd in a drunken rendition of La Marseillaise.

He wore an expensive black suit jacket, beneath it a white vest which clung to a rather chubby torso, on his head, of course, his trademark fedora and a sweaty fringe was swept across his forehead. Looking somewhere between a young Tom Waits and tipsy Barnabas Collins, he sauntered over to the mic and gave a blasé kind of “bonsoir” before the crowd erupted again in applause.

A languid Pete kicked off the show with ‘I Don’t Love Anyone’ and was joined by two cabaret dancers. Jack Jones, the lead singer of Trampoline, played guitar, shirtless with Nick Alexander written across his chest. Nick Alexander being one of the first to be killed while he was selling merchandise for Eagles of Death Metal near the entrance.

The newer songs got heads moving, self consciously nodding in approval, but it was songs like ‘Last of the English Roses’ and ‘You’re my Waterloo’ that got beer spilling.

Carl Barat made an appearance and played his solo on ‘Up the bracket”. Pete shared his microphone and Carl sang along, albeit with slightly less enthusiasm.

Pete threw many instruments into the crowd, including a harmonica and a few guitars, but it wasn’t Finders Keepers for the fans unfortunately as all was retrieved by the faithful crew guy, who was waiting by the side of the stage like those kids at Wimbledon who wait to retrieve the balls.

Towards the end an ominous red light filled the stage, as a solitary drum was beaten slowly. It was a tribute to the ones who had been slain, the ones who had gone to the Bataclan for a night of music and fun, but had instead been tortured and murdered. Pete held up the French tricolour after the song which read, ‘Fuck Terrorism Forever’. It received a roar of applause. The defiant French spirit that had filled the room for the whole night seemed to peak at that moment. Just before the instruments stopped playing and were left on the stage, leaving just enough reverb to recreate some of the dissonance from that night just after the first shots would have been fired.


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Live review: Bring me the horizon @ O2 Arena, London

It was absolutely immense! At first thought, this is all I came up with.

Bring me the horizon, the five piece from Sheffield are one of my favorite bands, they’re the first one I ever listened too and got into. I adore them and haven’t had the opportunity to see them live since an £18.50 ticket to their Brixton o2 Academy show almost three years ago to the day. I remember that show so vividly, a 14 year old me with a friend that was determined to guard me from mosh pits and literally anyone bashing into me. This time, 17 years old armed with only the camera my phone came with and my best friend, had to dive into this huge o2 arena crowd and just enjoy listening to music I live for.


Their show was so amazing, their stage set was phenomenal I can’t think of a better word to describe it, every aspect of it was absolutely wonderful. Their energy on stage was so contagious I wish I could be back tonight. Oli’s vocals were so good  in my opinion, he sounded great and each of them nailed each song! The set list was perfect, though most of it obviously centering around the September 2015 album, they fiercely performed plenty from Sempiternal and a couple from suicide season. They stopped a heart warming amount of times between songs to check everyone was okay, they spoke to the crowd and at times the emotions filling the room from the thousands of people filled my heart. It’s an amazing show and the entire tour is so well put together, one surly not to be missed. They’ve grown so much since I last saw them and it’s been my first chance to hear any songs from ‘That’s the spirit’ live, and seeing this show, I cannot wait to see them again on their next tour, they’ll have a lot to live up to, that’s for sure!