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Six Ways To Tackle Stress In The Exam Period

By Lauren Chancellor

Lauren takes the pen to give us all a well-needed advice (or six) on how to deal with the turmoil that is exam stress.

Another term, another set of exams. Your assessment period is a time of stress and anxiety, something nearly every student dreads. With most of your free time spent cramming in extra revision and worrying about your end result, it can be as exhausting as it’s unpleasant.

Here are some simple tips to help you unwind and de-stress from the pressures of exams:

Positive vibes – Maintaining a positive outlook can stop you from losing your head whilst waiting for your results. Don’t waste your remaining days of freedom worrying, think positive thoughts and more important, spread positivity. Remember it is not just you going through the stress of exams, so being a Negative Nelly around other people is probably going to bring them down too.

Hard earned rest – For now, it’s time to say goodbye to the revision time table, the highlighters can go back in the draw and you can return your library books. Now it’s time to calm down and find your inner Zen. Take a nap, take two naps, wake up at midday instead of 9am – you do you.

Socialise – The chances are, you haven’t seen the social hours of daylight in long time. However, now your exams are over, and it’s time to venture into the real world, once again. Sharing downtime with your friends is a great way to relax after the exam period: watching movies, playing sports, going shopping etc.

Accept what’s done is done – When you leave that exam hall the power is out of your hands, and the sooner you accept that the better. What’s done is done, and what will be will be. Allowing yourself to fall into turmoil about what you could have done differently is pointless and can very quickly become exhausting. To avoid this, refrain from talking to people from your class about the exam and just focus on getting your results.

Have a back-up plan – on the off chance things really didn’t go to plan, having a plan of action is a great way to relieve anxiety and to help you continue moving forward with your studies. Make yourself familiar with re-sit dates and where you need to be.

Celebrate – whether it’s with your classmates, housemates or your family – you’ve worked hard over the past month and your hard work should be rewarded. Whether you go out for a celebratory meal or a few drinks in town, get out and let your hair down!

School and university is stressful for the most students, even those who don’t have exams. It’s important to remember that your body needs time to relax and rest. Be aware that your fellow peers may be feeling the pressures from their studies, and be mindful.

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Why is it that self love and self confidence is always encouraged but yet when someone is openly confident it’s often frowned upon?  If someone feels good about themselves and takes a picture to show that, they’re instantly labelled vain or self obsessed. We live in a society of constant double standards. I know that within my group of friends if I take a picture and I feel good about myself in it I can show them they’ll be like, FUCK YES, FUCK YES YOU DO. The world that we live in is so critical, but those around you should be the ones to build you up not bring you down.

Recently someone who very quickly became one of my best friends this year said to me “If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s that you must never extinguish your flame in order to keep another’s burning”. The harsh reality is that, life isn’t always a walk in the park, it’s a struggle, but it’s beautiful and wonderful. But you should never have to diminish your self worth for another person’s. If you feel like you look good go ahead and show it off.  There’s always going to be pressure surrounding us, it’s not just a creation of the 21st century, it’s happened for generations. But it’s about surrounding yourself with people who will constantly show you that all you’re in yourself is good enough, and you being yourself is the best version of you you will ever be. Humans are scary, and sometimes make me wonder but we are all equally wonderful and amazing, despite the choices we make or our physical appearances.

Imagine what the world could be if we were a little bit kinder to ourselves, and others.

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“An Eye for An Eye, A tooth for a Tooth and the Whole World would be Blind and Toothless”

There is a great divide in our society between those who seemingly have it all, to those who have nothing at all. Yet whenever the wealth is tried to get distributed evenly it causes war and segregation. We have a responsibility as humans, as one of the same, all being part of the same race, to look after eachother. Fundamentally we are all the same, how terrifying is that?

You may realize it yet, but as you’re reading this, you’re in a position of privilege, someone somewhere is always going to need something that you can offer them, and one day it could be you. Living in Cambridge I see it daily, those who are less fortunate, and I see people walk on by, I see people claim that if they give them change it’ll go towards drugs anyway, but there are plenty of others who do that regardless of their situation? Why would you turn your back if you know someone is even more vulnerable than they seem?

We all have a responsibility to each-other, however unaware we may be, and to ourselves, to be kinder, to smile more, to break down the divide of strangers. You’re always taught to ignore strangers aren’t you, but how strange a concept that is, to keep yourself in a bubble from all that there is. This world isn’t always kind, but neither are you or I, we will hurt and we will be hurt, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to turn a blind eye.