Want to be in The Xcerts new video?

Friends of Brighton and Surrounding areas, if you want to be invovolved in the video of one of the best up and coming bands this island has to offer, The Xcerts listen up.

The Xcerts are shooting their new music video tomorrow evening at the Haunt, (right by the pier) from 6pm, this will lady till approx 10pm. For more info contact to get involved, I’ll see you there!


The best brownies in Cambridge

This might seem like a random one, but a lot of Skint’s following are based around Cambridgeshire and this week, on a trip home I discovered the best thing to ever grace my mouth. 

Bought from the Cafe Mobile Van on Cambridge’s market the gluten free brownies are so moist and delicate that not only one would do, (some are definitely coming back with me to Brighton). 

So if you’re in Cambridge and want to excite your taste buds visit the stall opposite the centre of tourism.

You can thank me later. 

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Will Varley Live at Komedia

An act that never disappoints is the best way to describe Will Varley, in the last year I have had the pleasure of seeing him on numerous occasions but last night was truly special. The venue, the Komedia is magical itself the evening took place in the basement in a cabaret esque set up. At first glance I was dubious, it’s not a venue I’d of usually placed him in but with the accompaniment of the supporting 7 piece band it fitted perfectly.

The support act Cocos Lovers provided a tranquil soul soothing performance, their sound combines folk and roots which provides for a easy listening. Will described the Kent based ensemble as dear friends of his and it set the tone for a night full of powerful lyrics and smooth tunes. IMG_7166.jpg

In light of recent political uncertainty and changes in the UK and beyond Varley adapted his lyrics to fit a new audience and time. A large issue at concerts recently has been audiences spending less time engaging and more time recording the gig on their phones to brag about on social media or enjoy later; however Varley put on a show that was very much for in the moment and few phones were in sight.

The tour comes just after the release of his new album, ‘Kings Down, Sundown’. The first track of the album ‘To Build A Wall’ is of strong political importance, even more so after President Elect Trump’s rise to power, speaking of how we cannot let political unrest divide us. However not one to solely dwell Will breaks the set up with cat humour and joking about budget hotel chains.

‘When She Wakes up’ talks about Varley’s friends daughter and what she’ll experience and was written after watching her nap with strangers fighting in the street outside.

In no uncertain terms with Bob Dylan esque guitar and a powerful message and husky vocal Varley is set to be one of the defining players in folk for this generation. I highly recommend seeing Will live, you can see him in London at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. 

You can purchase tickets here. 

Fun fact: Will Varley walked over 130 miles with a tent and guitar on his back, from London Bridge to Deal, Kent where he resides.  


Brighton Creatives Wanted

A new TV show in Brighton will be launching on Latest TV in Brighton we are looking for creatives t0 be involved in the project. Whether you enjoy writing, filming or designing we’d love for you to get in touch. The project will be based around young people, with content aimed towards students and adolescents.

Please contact for more information.


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Suicide Squad Review

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a next level geek, the kind of person who is a legitimate adult yet who’s bedroom has a marvel and star wars theme, so naturally I was incredibly excited for Suicide Squad.

Over the last few months of teasers and leaked photos my anticipation for Suicide Squad grew, but I left the cinema feeling similarly to when I’ve paid to use the toilet in London, disappointed and let down by my people.

The film sees a group of the world ‘s worst criminals brought together to fight the extra terrestrial. Together the group of cut throat criminals combine more prison time and sarcasm than the big screen has ever seen. The threats of ‘mild violence’ are an understatement, as the squad find out just what they’re in for when faced with some indescribable creatures.

Margot Robbie however did justice to Harley Quinn’s film debut. The film was a perfect introduction to the character as they showed how her story has developed and how her and her ‘Puddin’ came to be.

The film sees Jared Leto’s first appearance as the Joker, which has sparked a multitude of fan theories that tattoos on his body hint that he in fact used to be Batman’s sidekick Robin, and was referenced to in Batman VS Superman.

Although the film in my opinion didn’t live up to it’s hype it leaves a lot of room for the development of the characters, and made viewers even fall in love with the baddest of guys.

However, the film’s soundtrack is incredible, and the musical choices throughout are fantastic from The White Stripes to Panic! At the Disco’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody with Brendan Urie’s vocals showcasing the song in a way we’ve never heard it before featured on the soundtrack.



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Working in Music in 2o16

2016 has been a hard year for music, both locally and internationally with the loss of musical icons from Bowie to Lemmy. More than ever the industry is financially struggling, from musicians themselves to festival organizers and venues alike with the growing pressure of regulations.

Being involved in music is unlike any other industry, having to fight harder to earn your living, to prove your worth when someone else will always be willing to do it for free; all areas of the music industry struggle with this, from a journalist who’s been left out of pocket by many jobs to bands who are forced to play free shows just to get themselves out there. There comes a time when your passion doesn’t cut it anymore, and you need to make a living.

The music industry relies heavily on a sense of community, and working together, for the same cause. Working in music often involves late nights with little reward, but a wise man once told me always for the love never for the money. Working in music has taught me that sometimes you’ll have to bend over backwards, but you can’t give up because working around like minded people is worth more than any amount of sleep.

If you’re a band and want some exposure and you’re struggling to get a break, get in contact! Our team LOVE music. Send your music to
Skint was built on a LOVE of music, and that’s what we’ll continue to run out.


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News from PTV

Pierce the veil’s highly anticipated UK tour just announced the support act, and we’re stoked!
Following up the bands newly released album ‘Misadventures’ , that made number 4 on the US Billboard charts, the band are readying up for their UK tour this November, something that’s been long awaited by their fans. We reviewed their latest album here, it’s definitely one to check out. The band will be supported by Let Live and Creeper.

Let Live have toured with bands from A Day To Remember to Enter Shikari, with 14 years experience and an insane sound these guys put on one hell of a live show. This isn’t the first time Pierce The Veil have worked with Letlive though, as Jason Butler features on the 2012 album, ‘Collide with the sky’.

Having just performed at Slamdunk, Creeper are growing by the day, with the release of their album ‘The Stranger’. Although I wouldn’t have necessarily expected the band on this line up I’m really excited for this tour.

The band have also launched a charity auction in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Fans of the band can get their hands on a unique piece of memorabilia and raise vital funds for young people with cancer. The guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, was recently thrown from a cliff in San Diego on the set of the band’s current Rock Sound cover shoot. The remains have been signed by the band, and donated to Teenage Cancer Trust. The auction is running until 7pm on Sunday 12th June with all proceeds from the winning bid directly supporting young people with cancer in the UK. Visit the Teenage Cancer Trust’s eBay page to place your bid here:

Piece the Veil frontman, Vic Fuentes said: “I’ve always wanted to throw a guitar off a cliff, so why not do it for a great cause like the Teenage Cancer Trust?! This is something that means a lot to me personally and we are very proud to announce this fun collaboration with them. We hope that this auction helps spread awareness and love to those who truly need it.”