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Live review: Bring me the horizon @ O2 Arena, London

It was absolutely immense! At first thought, this is all I came up with.

Bring me the horizon, the five piece from Sheffield are one of my favorite bands, they’re the first one I ever listened too and got into. I adore them and haven’t had the opportunity to see them live since an £18.50 ticket to their Brixton o2 Academy show almost three years ago to the day. I remember that show so vividly, a 14 year old me with a friend that was determined to guard me from mosh pits and literally anyone bashing into me. This time, 17 years old armed with only the camera my phone came with and my best friend, had to dive into this huge o2 arena crowd and just enjoy listening to music I live for.


Their show was so amazing, their stage set was phenomenal I can’t think of a better word to describe it, every aspect of it was absolutely wonderful. Their energy on stage was so contagious I wish I could be back tonight. Oli’s vocals were so good  in my opinion, he sounded great and each of them nailed each song! The set list was perfect, though most of it obviously centering around the September 2015 album, they fiercely performed plenty from Sempiternal and a couple from suicide season. They stopped a heart warming amount of times between songs to check everyone was okay, they spoke to the crowd and at times the emotions filling the room from the thousands of people filled my heart. It’s an amazing show and the entire tour is so well put together, one surly not to be missed. They’ve grown so much since I last saw them and it’s been my first chance to hear any songs from ‘That’s the spirit’ live, and seeing this show, I cannot wait to see them again on their next tour, they’ll have a lot to live up to, that’s for sure!


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