Playing Cupid

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you set up two of your friends? 

Inspired by Barney Stinson from ‘How I met Your Mother’, I joined two of my friend’s, who for this purpose will be called ‘Sophie’ and ‘Sam’, into a group chat. Which I swiftly left afterwards. After both parties had messaged me confused, after some encouragement from me they got talking and well…

What happened next?
After they had got over the initial awkwardness, they set up a date, and have hit it off.

What did they think?

“At first I thought, omg why is Jess doing this. But then with some ‘encouragement’ from X I went on a date. Now I think X is the ultimate wing woman and am very grateful”.

‘Sam’ recalls …”You’re going on a date with x.” She tells me that x is short, cute, beautiful and lovely. Next thing she makes a group chat with myself and X in it, and says “have you met X?” Then proceeds to leave the chat alone with myself and x, the ever so awkward first chat went well, after getting to know one another for a brief period we agreed on a date to go out. After seeing her the first thing I wanted, was to see her again and again I can’t thank X enough for setting me us”

So it turns out it can really be that simple to get two people together. Social experiment, completed. I wonder how they’ll tell people they met…




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