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Tacitus – The Passing

Recently Hertfordshire based band, Tacitus, released their EP made up of four songs, The Passing. Obviously I had a listen, as did many of my friends and we all agreed and spoke about how fab it was. I’d only really heard the band once, in a you tube video of them playing a gig that my friend showed me.
When I heard the EP my first feeling was surprise, mainly because I’ve met a few people in this band and it just seemed so strange that a few people I’ve met and talked to, people so young could be so talented and make something so professional. My second thought was ‘this is so freaking good’. I love listening to it. To me it’s a very different sound to what I’m used to enjoying, but I’m glad I do because each song is upbeat and the vocalist has such a great voice to listen to. Their sound is unique and I’d encourage everyone to give it a listen. I love the third track! Actus Reus, I love the intro into it, and the intro into End Of The World too. They’re a band I’d love to see live as I’m sure hearing the songs live would be 50 times better than listening to them on my iPad.
The Passing is available in full on You Tube, Soundcloud and other major platforms, and if you want a CD copy, drop them a message on Facebook or look out for show dates where you can pick one up.
Take a listen and let us know what you think

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