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Working in Music in 2o16

2016 has been a hard year for music, both locally and internationally with the loss of musical icons from Bowie to Lemmy. More than ever the industry is financially struggling, from musicians themselves to festival organizers and venues alike with the growing pressure of regulations.

Being involved in music is unlike any other industry, having to fight harder to earn your living, to prove your worth when someone else will always be willing to do it for free; all areas of the music industry struggle with this, from a journalist who’s been left out of pocket by many jobs to bands who are forced to play free shows just to get themselves out there. There comes a time when your passion doesn’t cut it anymore, and you need to make a living.

The music industry relies heavily on a sense of community, and working together, for the same cause. Working in music often involves late nights with little reward, but a wise man once told me always for the love never for the money. Working in music has taught me that sometimes you’ll have to bend over backwards, but you can’t give up because working around like minded people is worth more than any amount of sleep.

If you’re a band and want some exposure and you’re struggling to get a break, get in contact! Our team LOVE music. Send your music to
Skint was built on a LOVE of music, and that’s what we’ll continue to run out.



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