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Suicide Squad Review

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a next level geek, the kind of person who is a legitimate adult yet who’s bedroom has a marvel and star wars theme, so naturally I was incredibly excited for Suicide Squad.

Over the last few months of teasers and leaked photos my anticipation for Suicide Squad grew, but I left the cinema feeling similarly to when I’ve paid to use the toilet in London, disappointed and let down by my people.

The film sees a group of the world ‘s worst criminals brought together to fight the extra terrestrial. Together the group of cut throat criminals combine more prison time and sarcasm than the big screen has ever seen. The threats of ‘mild violence’ are an understatement, as the squad find out just what they’re in for when faced with some indescribable creatures.

Margot Robbie however did justice to Harley Quinn’s film debut. The film was a perfect introduction to the character as they showed how her story has developed and how her and her ‘Puddin’ came to be.

The film sees Jared Leto’s first appearance as the Joker, which has sparked a multitude of fan theories that tattoos on his body hint that he in fact used to be Batman’s sidekick Robin, and was referenced to in Batman VS Superman.

Although the film in my opinion didn’t live up to it’s hype it leaves a lot of room for the development of the characters, and made viewers even fall in love with the baddest of guys.

However, the film’s soundtrack is incredible, and the musical choices throughout are fantastic from The White Stripes to Panic! At the Disco’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody with Brendan Urie’s vocals showcasing the song in a way we’ve never heard it before featured on the soundtrack.




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