The 1975 – Somebody Else

The 1975 are well known for their careful visual presentation. For their sophomore album, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, the band themed on a neon lit aesthetic with signs fronting song titles displayed on various locations, further on the same signs were displayed in the bands pop-up art shows prior to the album’s release.

Unveiling the video for their heart breaking ‘Somebody Else’, The 1975 once again proves their artistic quality in a gorgeous cinematic format.

The video features a longer black and white sequence ala silent film and plays on the same segments as the band used in their earlier video for ‘Change of Heart’. Then the tune enters, adding colours and story of the heartbreak. The apathy that the silent film intro carries still clings, yet it manifest itself more as heartbroken delusion. The neon-drenched style is so visually stunning that even Nicolas Widing Refn, the pioneer of this aesthetic, would approve. Healy’s aimless wonder is shifting through the scene yet the song is key as the lyrical context to puts sense to the otherwise seemingly emotional chaos.

Of course there will always hit up a debate about pretence when mentioning The 1975. Many has over the years labelled them as pretentious hipsters, faux artists and simply “really bad”. Yet sparking the debate around image and ‘certain aesthetics’ isn’t necessarily all that bad. Daring to be a bit over the edge, a bit too cheesy at times, and yet provocative is something that in the long run helped The 1975 stay relevant. And looking at their artistry, you’d be quite oblivious if you plain out called it all ‘just a construct’.

The ‘Somebody Else’ video so a prefect balance between show and tell. Not their most outstanding or provocative, yet that is this video’s strength. The aesthetics expression coexist marvellously with the tune giving the video the needed depth that makes you watch it that one time extra.

Check the video out down below.


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