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The Last Skylit Night

On Tuesday evening I went down to The Horn, St Albans to see The Last Skylit Night again, was it as good as last time? I sense you thinking, the plainest answer to that is omg yes. They’re so wonderful and put on such a great show, again.They’re all just so talented and I love photographing them, they make me feel welcome and their stage presence is so natural and fun that it makes taking photo’s of them really enjoyable and easy.


On Tuesday I found myself in the same position as last time, I really wanted to take really good photo’s but I also really wanted to just stand and watch them play their set. I sometimes had to actually remind myself to take photos. I honestly can’t wait to see them perform again but unfortunately they won’t be doing any shows for a while as their bassist Jarrett is off to Thailand on am adventure. All the more time to get excited about the next one, right?


Their music is so great and like I said before, not what I usually listen to but they are so good I really highly recommend them to everyone.


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