Ethics, lifestyle, relationships, sexuality

Exploring your sexuality

Exploring your sexuality is such a normal part of life. Not everybody does it but there are so many people that do and it’s totally fine. I mean, how many girls that are heterosexual have had a sleepover with friends and has ended up kissing there best girlfriend? Probably thousands. It’s so normal and it’s not even weird to kiss your friends anymore, even for guys (which is fabulous). I’ve been around plenty of guys, plenty of times that, just for a laugh, give their mates a cheeky peck but, it can go so much further than that and it’s so okay.

At the end of the day sexuality can be so confusing and for some people knowing exactly what they are is important and their way of knowing is to experiment and honestly it’s so common and can be fun. I hate to think that anyone feels weird for fooling around with their best friend that one time, it’s a part of growing up for some and discovering who you are.

It’s a good thing to explore your sexuality, if you want to. Exploring and trying new things can ultimately lead you to being who you really are and even ending up not labeling yourself . No one has to have a label to their sexuality. When it comes to your sexuality, how you go about dealing with it, exploring it and what you label it as is totally your choice and it should be whatever makes you happiest. 


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