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Live Review: The Mirror Trap

The Mirror trap are an alternative indie band from Dundee with a unique sound and vibe. I was able to head down to their recent headlining show at The Garage, Highbury & Islington.  The band put on an excellent performance with an amazing set list. From start to finish the band was energetic, with the singer coming out into the crowd giving it his all absolute including groovy dance moves and bum wiggles, which really had the crowd going. The band put on the greatest performance leaving the crowd wanting more, which didn’t surprise me as they were so easy to listen to and watch.

The band had some technical difficulties with sound leaving the singer without his guitar during the performance, but regardless the gig was amazing and I’d definitely see the band again. I had the pleasure of meeting the band after the show, and it is safe to say all the guys were lovely and so grateful to everyone who came out and saw them. I personally really like The Mirror Trap and their sound and will definitely see them again. I recommended them to anyone with a taste in alternative indie rock and suggest heading down to one of there shows for an amazing atmosphere and great music.


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