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What it’s like to be a part of team Skint

The moment I joint team Skint, I felt proud. I felt so proud to be part of something that I had pretty much seen begin from absolutely nothing and I felt so welcomed.

Jess, the Skint founder was fab when it came to welcoming me and showing me how to work the site and get me all set up to be a writer here. Ideas are so appreciated here at Skint magazine. We can literally write what we’re passionate about, and every writer here is so passionate and friendly and we all have different interests and backgrounds, we even have writers from Australia and Norway already. Half of them I haven’t even met but I feel so close to them. We have no hierarchy here, everyone is equal and we all get equal opportunities, which makes it such a great and happy environment to work in. There is nothing I don’t love about writing for Skint, it’s my creative outlet while doing what I love.

It’s so easy to become a part of and honestly I’m so glad I did. It’s so good to be a part of such a happy and ever-growing family of lovely, great writers.


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