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Those First Dates

We all go through it and generally it’s the best feeling in the world. Meeting someone who seems to be the perfect person, you connect immediately and you become infatuated with them. You essentially turn fourteen again and have the biggest crush on this human and all going well you start dating. I dare say those first few dates are the best times you can have with a person. It’s flirting, giggling, sex, cuddling, nothing serious, but then there’s that impending anticipation of “wow, shit I really like this person, are we going to become something?” Which in itself can be pretty damn exciting. But some tips I’ve thought of while going through this myself are:

Enjoy and embrace the moment in the moment. Be mindful when you’re with the person to just be in the moment and enjoy those first butterflies and the excitement because, in my opinion, it can be the best feeling in the world.

Go on actual dates! Sure we all don’t mind a ‘Netflix and Chill’ every now and again, but go out with this person and do fun and exciting things as well! Go Karting, bowling, mini golf, dinner dates, that sort of stuff can make the dating stage even more fun and can add an element of competition, which is even more fun if you’re a competitive person!

Don’t rush into anything you don’t feel comfortable doing with this person. Whether it be sex, meeting the parents/family, staying at their house, anything. Put up your own boundaries and if this person you’re dating can’t accept that, they’re probably not the person for you.

Find out everything about this person you deem important. Whether it be something like what they’re studying/doing for work, what bands they adore, or something a bit more serious like their values, it’ll most likely help in the long run.

Last but not least if it doesn’t work out don’t get too disheartened, sure it sucks but there are plenty of fish in the sea, you just need to find the right one for you!


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