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French metal band Gojira release new monstrous single ‘Silvera’

I could fangirl about this band until the cows come home. Not that I’ve ever really understood that expression. What were the cows doing away from home? And why are they taking so long to get back?

Let’s not worry ourselves with deep questions like this and instead take the time to behold the epicness of this new single ‘Silvera’.

French death metal band Gojira have already made quite a name for themselves, sporting a wild live presence and creating some of the grooviest and heaviest riffs since Dimebag’s untimely passing. A metal band with a cause, Gojira have often shown a keen interest in environmentalism in the past, writing songs about global warming and plastic bags in the sea. However, this seems to have been tamed over the years in exchange for a more spiritual approach.

‘Silvera’, the band’s latest single, is set to appear on their upcoming album Magmaand is the second taster we’ve been given following previous single release ‘Stranded’. Overall, Gojira seem to be getting less proggy and more poppy, although not poppy in the sense that they’ll be teaming up with Drake any time soon. They’ve settled for a verse/chorus/verse/chorus approach whilst sounding catchier than they’ve ever sounded before. The metal elitists won’t like it, but me, I’m sold…


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