Why are we so controlled by social media?

Like many people my age, social media consumes a huge part of my life. I’m constantly wanting to take aesthetic photos to fit my Instagram theme or thinking “oooo I should tweet that!”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love social media, I really love browsing through my different timelines, probably due to the fact I’m incredibly nosey if I’m honest. But, why is it an initial thought that comes into my head when I’m having a good time or doing something great that probably won’t be even remotely interesting to anyone else to stop what I’m doing and share it with everyone in either a photo or a text-talk style 140 character tweet that lacks all grammar?

Are we exploiting our own happiness to brag to other people? Do we want them to think we have this picture perfect life with constant great lighting, without lipstick on our teeth or odd socks on? Why do we want people to know what we’re up too? Why do I think anyone would be interested in hearing what I’m going to make for tea or that I’m happy the Bee Movie has been added to Netflix? (Fantastic I know)

When I start thinking about all this, I’m confused to whether we are doing all of this subconsciously, for our own benefit or simply because we feel like it? Am I just thinking about this too deep, do I really just post these things so I can look back on them, to get things off my chest and share cool things? When you think about it, it’s a pretty negative thing that we want to post these aspects of our lives and tell other people before we enjoy them ourselves. Or, is the train ride I’m on as I write this too long so I’m looking way too much into this and trying to spout some false philosophical bullshit? Either way, I’m about to go spend the next 3 hours on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Why are we so controlled by social media?”

  1. I think social media has become the too important factor in many people’s lives. I was constantly checking my Facebook feed, Ned neglecting others around me. So last week I deleted my Facebook app. I have to admit that it was hard for the first few days, but now I am interacting with others and the world. I notice tree branches blowing in the wind and the wild parrots nesting in the neighbors tree. I feel like a part of me has awakened.


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