Let’s talk sexual positivity

Sex, what is more frowned upon in our ever judgmental society? There are so many people having sex at this very moment and yet there are so many people being made to feel it’s wrong. I’m here to tell you it’s not.

I don’t want to come across as sexist but when it comes to sex a lot of the time for boys is great, something to be proud of but if you’re a girl you’ll know that’s usually not the case, if you’re a girl if you’ve done it, you have no self-respect or are labelled as vile things. That’s a load of crap, honestly sex is something that yes, should be spoken about mainly because we all need to learn about safe sex and STD’s, we need to be told about available contraception but also because the only way for anyone to feel comfortable about sex is if it’s spoken about. Sex doesn’t make you dirty or mean you deserve less respect just because you’re having it. Sex is something that if done safely (unless you and your partner are both STD free and are trying for a baby) can be fun and enjoyable (sorry mum and dad) and when in the moment shouldn’t be taken to seriously, you can laugh at yourself. Sex is healthy and completely natural, remember that.

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, sex is okay, sex is a great part of relationships (though not essential) and you should never feel ashamed, your sex life is your business!

Last but not least, ‘No’ is okay too. Saying no is never something to feel guilty about, at any stage. Whether you’re fully clothed, naked or half way through, ‘No’ is always okay!

For any sex info you may need, follow the link below..


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