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Young Malak – Interview

The new mixtape is really impressive! Which was your favourite song from the album to write?

Thanks, I really appreciate the recognition as well as having me for this interview. But honestly thats a tough one.

Each song was written out of emotion and how ever i felt in the moment so i guess thats what set the mood/tone for each track. But to pick just one id have to say the first song “The Messenger”. That was one of the first tracks i started working on and i remember just writting and writting and writting untill it took up pretty much the entire instrumental. I could have probably kept going on that beat for another ten mins lol but that would be too much so i kept it simple with no hook and ran straight through it. Even now that one never gets old to me even though it was one of the first ones from the mixtape. I guess thats why i decided to put that one first.

Do you play many gigs?

Yea The Keyz and I have played hundreds of local shows here in VA throughout 2014-2015 as well as performing at Shaggfest 2015 along side other artists like timbaland, Mase, and Trey songs. We Actually won a Battle of the Bands competition in october 2014 in order to get the spot in the festival. We also set up our own East Coast Tour a few months later with other artists I knew from NY and performed in venues and clubs from VA to ATL.. We even performed at Magic city in ATL but for sure was not the type of scene we look to perform at. Every other show on that tour was great besides that one. The performance went ok but it was just weird performing in a strip club for sure thats not me or The Keyz type of scene so it was just a weird feeling. But ATL really showed us a lot of love and support while we were there. Ive only done a few shows recently in 2016 mainly due to being stuck in the studio getting things finished up for our projects since all three rappers including myself in The Keyz are putting out our own solo mixtapes throughout this year and we kicked it off with my project The Messenger. Meantime were currently setting up a Tour here in the States this year as well as Overseas. Its just getting dates set and finalized and organized. So to sum it up it won’t be long before work back on the road hitting bigger venues and connecting with New fans. The connection we have with the fans at shows is amazing and addicting.

You’re a member of The Keyz – how did you guys all meet each other?

Well we’ve all grew up and went to school with each other. Ive Known Bundy since early elementary school days and met Mi-less in middle school. All Three of us were on the football team that year together. Then we all somewhat separated for a couple years after. Mi-less moved to a different area and different high school and Bundy and i were in different crowds/group of friends. It was around the end of sophomore year when Me and Bundy started chillin again. Mi-less ended up Moving back to his dads and started junior year at the same school as me and bundy. From there we started getting into all types of insane stuff that most our friends and peers were not into. Bundy used to throw the biggest house parties in Va Beach back then lol but we were creating our own path early on. Psychedelics had been introduced to us in a way gave birth to The Keyz. From Then on we took everything serious and it wasn’t just rapping for fun. We Knew we were all three a band of brothers that would stick together for a long time. But CRAZIEST way is how we met Dj. Last year in 2015 we were at Bundy’s crib having Band Rehearsal with another guy we used to jam with who was multi instrument talented and played drums with us for a bit. One of Bundys friends had stopped by for a quick sec to grab something from the house and DJ was with him. Right in the middle of our Jam session he came out of nowhere and asked if he could play the drums. I’m thinking in my head already getting irritated thinking he’s never played and just wanted to try. We had a show coming up and were on a time schedule so i was just thinking he was going to hit the drums for a second and then we get back to work. He sat down and started thrashing the hell out of those drums and blew all of us away. I didn’t know he know how to play at all let alone who he was but right away i said well welcome to The Keyz my friend haha. He ended up doing that show and every single one since and even though is still the new guy in the band he still is a brother to all of us and seems like we’ve known him for years.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Hmm, it’s so many people i wanna work with but first that comes to mind would be somebody from back home in VA Beach where I’m from and thats Pharrell. For one bro is a musical genius and understands music on such a high level most have no idea about. But not only just because i dig his music but the same place he calls home is where i call home. Anyone from around here and who grew up here in Va Beach has a connection to water and the ocean. It’s something about the water that brings all of us in the world together. On the oceanfront here in Va beach is a place i love to go to and mediate called The Edgar Cayce Foundation. Thats a whole different topic but its a very spiritual and enlightening place to go to and from what I’ve been told Pharrell goes there on occasion as well. Not too many people know about that place let alone what it is so anyone who goes or has been there will have a connection that most people miss out on. But he’s one of the people from around there that helped influence me to prove you can make it anywhere. You just have to be you. Everyone says be different but every person is already different in their own way so that just means be you.

If you could only take five things to a desert island what would they be?

Man thats another tough one. Hmmm. First probably some type of knife or machete for hunting food and building shelter. Second would be a lighter, matches, or some type of fire starter. Third would be an acoustic guitar so at least id have some type of music to play so i don’t go crazy. Next id bring one of those purifying water bottles that can filter drinking water “not sure if they actually work but I’ve seen them at walmart haha”. And last id bring a pair of shoes because i hate getting my feet cut up when walking around barefoot sometimes. If you have ever been to a rained out 3-4 day music festival or been camping you know shoes are super important especially if i was on an island with a rocky beach. One of my favourite TV shows is Naked and Afraid so if i got those five things id most likely would make it through.



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