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The Last Skylit Night live perforamce review

Last night I went to see The Last Skylit Night. They’re a Deathcore band from Hertfordshire made up of five really lovely guys, Nicc, Joe, Tom, Alex and Jarrett. They’re all in their early twenties and they know how to put on a really good show.


I went last night, Camera in hand and mind wide open. I had heard their music before but never live and honestly deathcore isn’t what I usually listen to at all, so I was going purely to snap some photos and see a show I was going to be writing about but the entire time I was either on my knee or on the stage taking a photo, I found myself loving the show and their sound. Their energy on stage reflected into the audience which gave the whole thing a great vibe. Their music is all original and written by them as a band. Each member of The Last Skylit Night is a fantastic musician and they blend together so well to make what is great music. Everyone in the crowd was involved and a mosh pit broke out at one point when the Vocalist jumped into the crowd and then shortly after one of the guitarists did the same. I’d never seen anything like that before so to me, it was crazy.


I would absolutely go and see The Last Skylit Night again, as soon as they finished their set I told my boyfriend that I loved it and really wanted to go to their next show, hopefully it’s soon! I’d highly recommend checking these guys out, even if it’s not the kind of music you usually listen to, you may really surprise yourself.



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