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Ready to read?

Personally, I’ve always seen reading as something with such an amazing capability of opening closed minds. The moment you pick up a book (whether it be a novel or something non-fiction) you are literally transported to another person’s mind and, to be honest, is there really anything more magical than that?

I’ve put together some books that I would strongly recommend reading at some point! And when’s a better chance than summer? You can be reading on buses, trains, planes; on park benches or at the beach getting that on point tan.

Haruki Murakami – Colourless Tsukuru Tasaki and his Years of Pilgrimage.

This novel follows the adult life of Tsukuru Tasaki, who finds his life in Tokyo void of meaning and bland after he left his hometown of Nagoya for further education. In his second year of college, his former best friends cut ties with him for not fathomable reason, causing Tsukuru to fall into a horrible 16-year-long bought of depression and isolation. After meeting the love of his life, he is forced to travel the world to face his former friends and current demons. SUCH an important read for people who might have lost friends to secondary school graduations.

James Dashner – The Maze Runner Trilogy

This trilogy is a fast-paced dystopian filled with more mind games than The Matrix. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the group of sass-fuelled teenage boys within the first few chapters (if not pages) and you’ll be rooting for their great escape. The trilogy follows the group boys who have had their memories wiped and the lives taken away from after a disastrous virus was leaked into the world. I promise you, you will be gripped. And in case 3 books isn’t enough for you? Dashner only went released a prequel, didn’t he? What a legend.


Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales (Published by Fall River)

Okay, so this collection of tales is probably published by a billion different publishers but that’s the one I have. It’s available at Waterstones and the cover is absolutely beautiful and man, don’t even get me started on the price! I believe it is £9.99 for about 600, maybe more, pages. If that isn’t any insane deal, I don’t know what is! Reading these short stories was like a slap in a face from culture. I adore Disney fairy tales like nothing else; I mean, hey… who doesn’t want a Prince Charming and a happy ending? But these original tales, before they got all child friendly and pacified are honestly something else. They are brutal and gory and well actually a lot more magical than what Disney has churned out lately. I definitely recommend this one if you’re a fan of TV series Grimm and/or Supernatural.


Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird

This book is known to be one of those classics that everyone want to be able to say they’ve read, yet nobody wants to actually read it. You see, I would suggest you don’t conform to that presumption and get your nose in this book. The novel, set  in the racist realm of Southern America in the 1930’s, follows the life of a young girl named Jem. Although it deals with hard to tackle topics like racism and equality, Harper Lee puts it across in the gentle and warm tone of a little girl. This novel portrays how we are not born with hate in our veins, that it is in fact something we learn over time and through harsh experiences.

Happy reading!




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