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Living for Live Music

Live music, what could be any better than getting to go and see/hear a band or artist that you love, play the music that you love and listen to in the bath, live? Nothing. The sheer rush that it sends through your body as you jump and shout along to the lyrics you’ve known by heart since the moment you first heard them makes the sore throat and aching body you suffer the next day well worth it.

I haven’t been to many concerts, but a couple of day festivals and have seen many bands/artists I love and it’s an experience I will remember for my entire life. The first band I saw live was my favourite, Bring Me The Horizon at the O2 Academy Brixton in 2013 and I remember my little 14 year old self, terrified of standing in that crowd for almost 4 hours of my time with big guys and people wanting to mosh. I was scared I was gonna end up broken but here I am, fine. But to this day, I still worry about being in crowds, standing at only just 5ft tall, I’m easily at elbow height for many people and crowds are growing, I mean Bring Me The Horizons O2 arena crowd will be much bigger and much fuller. What I have learnt though is there will be pushing and though I do get anxious and worry, I’m not going to break and I always attend a gig with someone I trust, also a lot of that comes with the music I listen to and if it gets to much, I can go to the back and just breathe, I see more from right at the back anyway.

I’d suggest if there’s band or artist that you really wanna see, try to save up your money and go, you’ll remember the experience forever!


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