How Being Part of Skint is Different

Journalism is one of those careers that you’ll need years of experience behind you before you even get an entry level job, it’s competitive, cut throat and down right nasty at times. I  have been involved in media since I was thirteen, starting by shooting gigs and then developing my writing for various online publications, so when we decided to develop Skint we wanted to be different, we wanted to stand out to our writers.

Many publications/ sites are willing to exploit you, however you might not realise this yet, you’ll just be so thrilled by the opportunity, yet have to spend £100 to get there. You should never put yourself out of pocket, or sell yourself short because you’re made to feel like you should have to. In rough outline of the words of a guy that works for Kerrang, ‘It gets to a point when you’re showing you don’t believe your work is good enough to be paid for’. The likelihood is that isn’t true, but we are always taught to gain as much experience as possible.

We are pretty much all students ourselves, I, (Jess) am a Digital Marketing Apprentice, as is Jas, Tiff and Shannon are Journalism students, and the list continues! We currently make no money whatsoever from Skint, it was started out of passion and that’s what continues to fuel it, but once we are at that point, I have vowed that everything we earn will be put back into the site and distributed equally.

I know how much it can suck to get amazing opportunities but not be able to afford to go to  them, so I have started a fund to allow our writers to get as much experience as possible, to develop both their writing and their life skills, theirs a lot you can learn about people by interviewing them that’s for sure. I am so proud of everyone involved in Skint and they deserve that reward.

We are a team, first and foremost, we work as a team, their is no hierarchy, no tight deadlines, we want you to write about what YOU are passionate about. And that is why I believe we are different, there is so much love involved in Skint and I am so passionate about helping young journalists develop. 

If you would like to write for us, or find out more email us at info@skintmagazine.com




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