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Cambridge’s Music Scene

The Cambridge band scene is currently thriving, breeding young bands and talented soloists like their is no tomorrow. Recently we have featured Cambridge locals ‘Staycations’ and the lovely Tom Lumley. I have found the best way to discover local bands has been the ‘Fiver’, held at the Junction the first Friday of every month.

A band I am really excited about right now are Saltfen, the four lads from Cambridge make up the heavier side of Cambridge’s band scene right now, and are set to play Strawberry fair June 4th. Despite being younger than a lot of the other acts their technical ability is incredible, and they put on a hell of a live show. You can check out their EP here.

Deep city, the four piece indie band who’ve just released their latest single ‘Slow’ (now available on spotify and apple music). The band have just been featured by BBC introducing and have one hell of a summer of gigs and festivals IMG_3025ahead of them. I went to Deep City’s first show and since then their ability and stage manner has changed entirely, for the better. They’ve grown into their sound and are all the better for it. You can find the guys on spotify or check out their soundcloud here.

Acoustic duo Tom and Paris are definitely ones to watch, the duo performed in Cambridge’s band competition, and although they didn’t win they had an incredible chemistry and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

You can see in our previous postt how excited we are about Staycations, but incase you missed it these guys just keep getting better and better, set to support Lonely The Brave this week the guys have grown massively, in popularity and in their talents. Latest track ‘The Enemy’ can be found here.

And of course, Tom Lumley, who I had the pleasure of seeing headline The Junction’s ‘Fiver’. Tom puts on one hell of a performance, and certainly doesn’t disappoint on track either. Supporting the likes of Coasts and The Hunna, Tom’s spent the last few years gigging and writing and we’ve been reliably informed has some very exciting news coming soon. Check out Tom’s soundcloud here.

Who are you guys excited about in your local scene right now? 



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