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Pierce The Veil – Misadventures

After a long four-year wait, San Diego based band Pierce The Veil finally released their forth studio album ‘Misadventures‘ yesterday, May 13th. After the success of 2012 album ‘Collide The Sky’, the band clearly wanted to take their time with the next release to make sure they could return even better – even if it resulted in making fans wait patiently for so long.

Misadventures‘ features 11 tracks, including the three pre-released singles ‘The Divine Zero‘, which was first released nearly a year ago and got all the fans extremely hyped for what was to come, ‘Texas Is Forever‘ and ‘Circles‘. The album overall certainly feels very Pierce The Veil, lyrically and instrumentally and is exactly what I was hoping for –  it’s fast-paced and features those great guitar and drum beats that add such a depth to the songs. Opening the album is the track ‘Dive In‘, which feels like a great opener and sets the tone for the album perfectly, getting you warmed up and excited for the remaining songs.

From the first few listens, the songs that stood out most where ‘The Divine Zero‘ – this was my favourite of the singles, it’s such a tune and ‘Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed’, which starts off slower and then falls into that classic PTV sound. The sixth track ‘Circles‘ also stood out, I think this song offers such a good vibe as well as the track ‘Bedless‘, which is one of the slower songs off the album and really resonated with me for some reason.

Overall I’m extremely happy with this album, it’s been hard to stay patient over the large wait for the new release, but without a doubt worth it. It’s classically them but somehow fresher and you can clearly hear the improvements in vocalists Vic Fuentes voice.

Pierce The Veil will be returning to the UK in November/December for a 10 date tour – make sure to catch them then!


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