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How Anti Depressants Ruined My Life

Okay so the title might be mildly over dramatic but, it’s how it felt. I was recommended   anti-depressants as part of my treatment, I saw it as giving up and giving in, but still they were pushed upon me. It’s the biggest mistake I have ever made, people can easily become so reliant on them, and I felt less of a person.

But not even that, anti depressants caused an increase in appetite that I didn’t feel capable of suppressing edging me from a size 8 to a 12, and maybe at some points beyond, this ruined my confidence and pushed me further into depression. It all happened so suddenly, and even after taking them the changes that they’d made to my body I can’t easily reverse. Yes it sounds like a sorry excuse for gaining weight, and yes I am going to get my body back to a point I’m comfortable with but that’s not the real point here.

Anti depressants are being prescribed to a worrying amount of young people, in the UK the NHS is stretched more and more each year, with waiting lists for adolescent mental health exceeding a year in parts of the UK. The statistics for young people’s mental wellbeing get worse and worse by the year, with exams getting harder and more pressure being put on them. The real need is NOT for anti depressants to be prescribed, but instead first supporting schools to better support students wellbeing and more funding into therapies and NHS psychologists.


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