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Good Dye Young

Established singer, songwriter, front woman of Paramore, and rocker Hayley Williams has teamed up with hair stylist to the stars Brian O’Connor, to create a unique, vibrant, fresh range of hair dye. Pastel is out and vibrancy is well and truly in, with colours Hayley herself has sported such as bright pink named ex girl after No Doubt, to Orange named Riot after Paramore’s sophomore album and many more brilliant  song and band related puns. This hair dye range is going to be an absolute hit with both Hayley and Brian’s fans.

I know personally I will be sporting a mixture of the colours, always having been a fan of Hayley and her out-there hair, I will be putting in those colours like there’s no tomorrow. Riot being my first choice because being a ginger at my roots (literally) I don’t want to stray too far past my comfort zone.

What’s even better? The semi-permanent dyes are ALL vegan and cruelty free, so you’re helping to save bunnies AND look badass. It also contains properties to repair sad hair. 

You can check out the dye here



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