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Pretty little liars preview

Let’s talk about Pretty Little Liars.  You cannot just simply like this show, it’s all or nothing with this show, it’s obsession or hate.

Though the ‘A’ reveal was heartbreakingly disappointing, and the Twin reveal was a total anti-climax, we continue to watch on hoping that one day all will be as good as always promised. The producer/writer of the show Marlene King has said that during season 7A there will be reveals almost every week. Yay. This is where the trailer comes in, was it intense? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. Has the wait been gut wrenching? Ah yes.

Of course many questions and wonders will have popped into our ever so patient minds, where is Hannah? What in the world is happening to Ali? Why did Rollins have to end up a bad guy? He was so cute. We want answers this time, for real. This trailer was actually sad, Emily crying, Spencer crying, Ezria feels. Mainly, what this trailer has raised for me is what does Uber A have in store for the girls? Though said ‘person’ isn’t mentioned, we can all tell he/she is doing something horrific to the girls, when has he/she not been doing something terrible. Though this trailer does include the twin, personally I’m not excited for this. It was a total let down in my opinion. Overall though, this trailer was put together fabulously, the pure emotion that it contains fully interacts with the fans of the show, it actually triggers emotions in me to feel for the characters. I cannot wait for all of the reveals to start coming on June 22nd (UK) 21st (USA).


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