5 Festival Essentials

As the Festival season is fast approaching, here are my top 5 festival essentials.

Kicking it of with Baby wipes, these are extremely important and handy at festivals, it’s unavoidable you are going to get dirty, smelly and sticky,  bringing baby wipes with you helps remove the dirt and keep you as clean as possible.
Dry shampoo is another must, it helps with hiding the grease in your hair also adding volume to your hair, which is always good for a flawless festival look. Dry shampoo is the best way to keep your hair looking clean at a festival.

Moving on from hygiene, I’d recommend taking cereal bars along with other munchies for when you’re feeling peckish, I also recommend this because we all know the food at festivals are ridiculously overpriced and taking snacks with you, will save you money.

Another essential of mine is good strong footwear like wellies/ boots, raining or not, I can guarantee there will always be a bit of mud at a festival and wellies/boots is the perfect way to deal with the mud and rain. It was ridiculous the amount of people I saw with ruined vans and converses! So I highly recommend Taking good strong footwear which allows you to enjoy your time without cold soggy socks.
My last recommendation is a portable charger, there is nothing worse than loosing your friends and not having battery to call them! I personally believe that sticking together at festivals is best, and having a phone on you at all times makes it easier for you and your friends.

Hope this was handy! Enjoy festival season!


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