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One of the hardest things about trying to be sexually healthy is being able to talk about it with ease, and banish the taboo shameful nature around the word SEX, because let’s face it most of us wouldn’t be here without it. Looking back at sex education it was massively limited, in year 6 getting the period talk, then something very vague about how to use a condom and STD’s in year 8 or 9, this isn’t enough.

Here are somethings that you should know, in the UK you have a system called a ‘C card’ available to access free condoms  from most schools, doctors surgeries and some Boots. Condoms are the only form of contraceptives that protect you from std’s, but if you’re performing oral sex, without protection,  you still carry a risk.

Most importantly, never do anything you aren’t entirely comfortable with, and if you think something is wrong seek help, there will always be people around you willing to listen.

Here’s a link to a tool that will help you find your closest sexual health clinic


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