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‘Orange is the new black’ Teaser

‘The New Orange is The New Black’ promo video was released today and was such a roller coaster. Now to be honest I was a late lover of this show, when I started watching there was already two seasons and the third was only weeks away from airing, but the wait between the third and fourth series has felt like an eternity and I am thankful for this taster. So much happens in this trailer in such a short space of time, and it’s riveting!

My biggest question currently is what the hell has piper done after all this time to make her feel so unsafe? But a close second is where in the world is Ruby Rose throughout this whole thing? She’s got to be in it, right? I mean how could she not be, she’s far to attractive to be taken out of the equation now!

Whats going on with Red and the secret and why does every one seem to be sad, shouting or crying? Like what the hell has happened at Litchfield? Finally, what is the flash of ‘Crazy eyes’ laying in a hospital bed crying about? I love this trailer, I love the mystery it’s brought to the table.
There are so many questions that have risen from this trailer and personally I can’t wait for them to begin to be answered on June 17th!


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