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“An Eye for An Eye, A tooth for a Tooth and the Whole World would be Blind and Toothless”

There is a great divide in our society between those who seemingly have it all, to those who have nothing at all. Yet whenever the wealth is tried to get distributed evenly it causes war and segregation. We have a responsibility as humans, as one of the same, all being part of the same race, to look after eachother. Fundamentally we are all the same, how terrifying is that?

You may realize it yet, but as you’re reading this, you’re in a position of privilege, someone somewhere is always going to need something that you can offer them, and one day it could be you. Living in Cambridge I see it daily, those who are less fortunate, and I see people walk on by, I see people claim that if they give them change it’ll go towards drugs anyway, but there are plenty of others who do that regardless of their situation? Why would you turn your back if you know someone is even more vulnerable than they seem?

We all have a responsibility to each-other, however unaware we may be, and to ourselves, to be kinder, to smile more, to break down the divide of strangers. You’re always taught to ignore strangers aren’t you, but how strange a concept that is, to keep yourself in a bubble from all that there is. This world isn’t always kind, but neither are you or I, we will hurt and we will be hurt, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to turn a blind eye.




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