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Penny Mob’s Debut

Mixing Punk and Indie influences Penny Mobb have created a refreshing sound. Taking influences from bands like The Kinks, Oasis, Cast, The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, The Sex Pistols these guys have created something very different. Born out of the philosophy that “new, real, honest rock n roll band with balls” was needed, that is very much what they’ve become.

So far the band have released two singles, ‘War on The Streets’ and ‘Mr Generation’. Mr Generation has a likeness to old school punk refreshed by indie influences and plenty of charisma.

‘War on The Streets’ is the edgier of the two tracks, filled with angst and an aggressive rhythm. Definitely the punchier of the two tracks the singles both complement each other showing two very individual sides to the band’s sound. Let’s not forget about the technical ability of these guys, with bassist Matt being a technician for Mr Peter Doherty himself. Jamie Quinn, vocals is also currently starring in a tv drama, but they all consider music to be their first love.

With their desire to shake music up, and two strong debut releases this band have a lot of potential. Check it out here.


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