Newborn- Review

Rock is not dead, the music industry is in a very odd place at the moment, this year sadly seeing us say goodbye to legends, iconic music festivals and many bands calling it a day, but rock is most definitely not dead.

New York rockers New Born are set to release their new EP on June 14th as a follow up to their latest single ‘Beautiful Disguise’. The first two tracks have already been released, and are really something special, mixing influences from indie and classic rock to create something that’s very much their own.

My favourite track from the band so far is ‘Runaround’, I can’t think of a better word to describe it than groovy, combining a classic rock sound with a strong bass line.Combining a multitude of influences from some of my favourite acts of all time Arctic MonkeysMuse, Nirvana, Metallica they’re on to a winner in my books.

The latest EP was inspired by a member of the bands struggle with battling depression, and has described how music has helped him, keep on rocking guys! I can’t wait to hear more from these guys, bring on June 14th.







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