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Emo Rock’s Revival- The Breaking Pattern

Heralded by the Huffington Post as ‘the face of the Phoenix emo revival movement’, these Arizona indie rockers come through with a fantastic sun-kissed lovelorn sound on this shimmering debut ‘There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins’.
The guitars are slathered in reverb, building up to explosive climaxes accompanied by Derek Hackman’s lovelorn and heartfelt vocals. Heartbreak fuels the lyrics.
‘The album is somewhat of a break-up album, chronicling the various stages of a doomed relationship from the moments leading up to the split until the resolution and recovery,’ explains Derek.
Triumphant track ‘Let love Go’ opens the album and sets the tone for the record. Other highlights include chugging ‘White Lie Black Market’ and anthemic ‘Act Natural’.
Stream the promo video for ‘Let Love Go’ below:

There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins is out April 8th.



Written by a guest writer for Skint.

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