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Darryl Nash- Love Sick

Darryl Nash’s debut album ‘Love Sick’ explores the questions of how to treat a broken heart condition and is both sonically colourful and philosophically inquisitive.

Former BIMM student Darryl Nash has released his debut album, “Love sick”.  Apart from digging into the depths of love psychology, the multifaceted songwriter has written songs about events that shake up the history of our world, including present day war in the middle east stories  about London’s Jack The Ripper in 1800, especially in tracks like the dynamic and captivating ‘The Murder Chain’.

Title song of the album “Lovesick”  has steady 4/4 beat and a dark, stormy atmosphere

“The Murder Chain” has the pace to get hearts racing and adrenaline levels rising with the drums pushing the beat and the urgent sounding synth.

Although the mixing and sound still needs some work it’s a strong debut and he’s destined for great things.

‘The Murder Chain is a cracking track! ‘ – Melita Dennet (BBC Introducing South)


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