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Travelling on a Budget

I have recently returned from Amsterdam with my friend Jas, a trip we tried to make as cheap yet magical as possible

Staying in a Hostel was the best decision we made! We stayed at EcoMama, an eco friendly hostel 5 minutes from central Amsterdam. Jas and I didn’t stay in dorms but in a gorgeously cosy private bedroom with en suite and the best views of the canal. The room next door to ours was labelled ‘Strangers become Friends’ and it’s true, as by our last night we were sat around a table being cooked pasta by a guy from Indiana, and a  lovely teacher from Brighton, followed by watching Meangirls in a teepee. Ecomama felt like a home away from home and I can’t wait to return.

A great way to find out about hostels is hostel world, they’ve got a fantastic range of hostels and reviews to match.

2. You don’t have to eat out we were luckily enough at Ecomama to have the communal kitchen so saved a small fortune by eating some meals at home, it doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the culture though, (although a strange dutch delicacy is raw fish, which I’d rather pass on)

3. Book in advance The cost of your holiday will massively depend on the period of which you’re going away, we booked ours in January for April and saved considerable amounts for doing so. We also used Skyscanner to compare the best prices for flights at the times that suited us. The cost of your holiday can also double depending on the days that you’re travelling.

4. Invest in a decent size cabin bag I use the cabin max, which has saved me a fortune over the years and can fit up to 44 litres, more than a little carry on case will and has handy storage pockets to allow for as many crap souvenirs as your heart may desire.

5. Budget wisely, consider your wants vs your needs, set a daily budget, and be reasonable, if you’re going out drinking only take it the cash you’re comfortable spending. Don’t use your debit card to avoid charges.






2 thoughts on “Travelling on a Budget”

  1. Great suggestions – some of these are travel rules I swear by, such as eating “in” and not carrying more cash than I want to spend. I like your cabin bag idea. I try to avoid checking in luggage as much as possible since it saves time checking in at an airport and getting out of an airport. Your bag seems to hold an incredible amount! How do you keep it underweight?


    1. Checked bags are a nightmare in themselves, especially when you just want to get back to your own bed after a trip away! I try to pack as lightly as possible, I don’t bring home liquids bar perfume and for example this trip I took deodorant etc and my friend took make up and we shared between us to minimise. My only heavy item is also my camera, so everything else is just rolled up clothes! Thank you for the feedback!


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