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Could an Apprenticeship be for you?

I was always one of those highly cynical people that apprenticeships were just created in order to gain cheap labour. But a year later, I found myself doing an apprenticeship.

In October last year I began to realise that college wasn’t for me, (two months in, good going). At this point I was like s*** I’ve tied myself down for two years doing something that I hate, but there is always another option.

I’ve been doing my apprenticeship for a month now, and in that time I’ve learnt more about design than I have over the last two year, purely out of trial and error and needing to. If you’re someone who learns best by physically doing, then an apprenticeship could well be for you.

An apprenticeship can take you right through from post 16 to degree level, and the best bit? You’re earning while you learn.

Apprenticeships aren’t just for engineering and construction anymore! Check out my article on post 16 choice if you’re a little confused about what comes next after your gcse’s, or check out the government website to see apprenticeship vacancies near you.


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