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Suffragette Review

a woman seeking the right to vote through organized protest.

Suffragette tells the tale of the fight for women’s rights in pre first world war Britain. The film is based upon the true stories of women liked Emily Davison, who in 1913 jumped in front of the King’s horse at Epsom’s racecourse, in aid of grabbing the media’s attention to their struggle. Suffragette allows your pre GCSE history lessons to come to life, and will allow a younger generation to learn about the fight for equality in a whole new way.

Carey Mulligan takes centre stage as her character Maud Watts, who’s a working class women’s life get turned upside down when she secretly joins the Suffragette movement. The most compelling about Maud’s character is her change in attitude throughout the film from accepting that there would never be a change in the world for women, to becoming the change.

As a women the most emotive scene in the film is when Maud loses her son as a result of her involvement in the movemements effect on her family, making her an outcast.

My main problem with the film itself is the lack of the detail about the actual events, in my opinion the film should have been done in two parts.The first of the two could of involved the Suffragists movement, and it’s escalation into the more extreme Suffragettes. Largely because I’d of loved to of seen the development of the characters further.

All in all a great film with emotive scenes and an extremely high standard of performance.


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